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That is true, Please note that we have special agreements with several medical service providers, in addition to international tourism companies, which enables us to provide services at better prices.

Add to that we are working with a special system, that enables us to process all the details of the therapeutic trip within a short period of time, this will save you money and also the burden of researching and comparison between the results, and finally arranging everything by yourself.

In addition to the special therapeutic plans that we provide, our company provides an integrated service; that starts with receiving you at the airport, and your transportation to your accommodation, in addition to transportation to and from the hospital as needed.

Coordinating all of this by a companion of a sick person, in another country who may not speak the same language, can be very difficult. In addition, we provide a day-to-day assistance service, where you can contact us to assist you with all your daily needs during the therapeutic trip.

Your health and safety is our first priority. Therefore, we do not deal with hospitals that do not have internationally quality control, healthcare accreditation certificates, or with small centers whose standards vary from day to day, that will ensure peace of mind for us and obtaining a safe and high quality service from you.

Yes, of course; you can get an initial cost of the medical trip, by providing us with the patient’s medical reports, that enable us to obtain several appropriate treatment plans, in addition to that you can inform us of the required services; such as flight tickets, accommodation, etc. and the number of persons accompanying the patient, and we will calculate the full initial cost For the medical trip, you can amend it according to your desire.

The initial budget is being calculated based on our experiences, and that the cost of the whole medical trip is initially calculated according to our experience with similar cases, but the final amount may differ according to the each case, and this difference may increase or decrease the final cost, but this difference rarely exceeds the 20% of the initial cost.

Yes, our team leader is an Arabic doctor. In addition, we send the medical reports to a number of consultants and specialists in various specialties, where we get a second consultation for critical cases.

Yes, we strive to provide a professional interpreter; who has experience in the medical field or medical terminology, to be with the patient in the hospital.

And you can request translation service outside the hospital, and we will provide it as per your requirement.

The biggest problem we face are those results from the inaccuracy of the initial medical report, or the inaccuracy of the information provided, which lead to a fundamental change in the treatment plan, Therefore two reports are sometimes requested if the first is unclear.

Another problem is the inadequacy of the treatment proposed in the report to the patient’s condition, and this does not appear until after the clinical examination after travel, a different alternative treatment will be advised and that might alter the trip cost.