Our Healthcare Services

Our healthcare services are designed to keep your health at core. All the rest can be tailored to your individual needs. Thus we provide you with many treatment plans in various disciplines at the best cost and according to your needs. If you have an enquiry or you would like to know more about something please do not hesitate to contact us.

Organ transplant

Due to the high success rates of the organ transplant; surgeries such as kidney, liver, heart, lung and pancreas transplant have increased during the last decade. and also the complication rate is also declining. Many of these surgeries have some legal requirements as well which we can handle as part of the overall service.

Cardiology and Heart Surgery

Heart valve surgery is entering new frontiers as part of repair of existing valve or through implantation of prosthetics (synthetic valves). Understanding of how the heart functions allows for more precise intervention in vessels leading to the heart itself or to any of its parts.

Oncology and Cancer treatment

When cells become rogue they turn malignant or cancerous. That’s why every cancer is unique. The treatment has to be tailor made to each & every patient starting from the overall health to status of immunity to the current state of the tumor. All previous therapies done also influence the decision on how to treat the current stage.

Neurosurgery and Radiosurgery

The brain is a very sensitive organ makes any kind of surgery difficult, This in turn calls for very controlled surgical procures from highly skilled surgeons.

Weight reduction “Bariatric" surgeries

There are several operations for treating obesity that varies depending upon age, general health, range of mobility, associated diseases like diabetes & finally to previous attempts. Our surgeons can advise on the suitable procured for your case. Gastric sleeve,gastric banding or changing course are among operations we use.

Cosmetic surgeries and procedures

Plastic surgery is an optional procedure that changes how the part of your face or body looks. If you are considering plastic surgery, make sure you know what it includes before deciding.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is carried out in special departments within hospitals or in special rehabilitation centers and also in centers for the treatment of geriatrics, and the service is available at home or in an institute for external patients.

Pediatric Surgeries

Pediatric surgery is the subspecialty of surgery done for kids. Many specialist surgeons practice pediatrics in hospitals dedicated to children or as departments in well equipped hospitals.

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Orthopedic Surgeries

knee arthroscopy and meniscectomy, shoulder arthroscopy and decompression, carpal tunnel release, knee arthroscopy and chondroplasty, knee arthroscopy and anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, knee replacement, repair of femoral neck fracture, repair of trochanteric fracture and last but not least hip replacement. All those are part of our services.

Maxillofacial and oral surgeries

These include dental implants, a Hollywood smile, and other procedures for a more beautiful smile.

Eye Surgeries

It includes Cataract surgery, Keratokonus, in addition to LASIK, SMILE, retinal detachment repair as well as orbital surgeries.

Our Supportive Services

The main duty of our company is to facilitate the process of providing you the best Therapeutic trip by providing all the requirements of the trip and meeting your needs while you are outside your home country. We do this by cooperating with various companies and different service providers to ensure that all your needs and desires are met in the most optimum manner.

Flight tickets arrangement .
Accommodation arrangement
Interpreter and translation services if required.
Tours, attraction, restaurant and events reservation as per request.
Air ambulance ( private ambulance jet or commercial flight) .
VISA services .